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PHP » PHP register_globals

Scripts do not work with register_globals off?

Have you got ancient PHP scripts that do not work with register_globals off? As register_globals become deprecated as of 5.3.0 and removed os of 5.4.0, you would (finally :-)) have to rewrite all your scripts relying on register_globals=on. Well if you have some ancient systems written in PHP where complex rewriting would be hell of a work (and time), you may just add this line at the beginning of each PHP script that e.g. receives form-variables:


Important thing to mention: This is dangerous, as well as the register_globals=on! However, I do not see anything wrong when using it e.g. on systems that are not available to public and save my time to rewrite hundreds of scripts.


Just to remind, the correct way would be for each variable:
$variablename=$_POST["variablename"]; #from POST
$variablename=$_GET["variablename"]; #from GET
$variablename=$_REQUEST["variablename"]; #from both