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Lenovo Watch 9 basic commands, indicators and possible problems

Keywords: Lenovo Watch 9, calibration, wrong step goals displayed, manual, instructions, second hand indicator

The remarks below suppose you have already got Lenovo Watch app installed on your Android phone.

Basic functions/indicatos

One short press of the watch button - second hand shows how many percent of your walking goal (steps) you have reached so far today. When short pressed, second hand goes to a bottom position, where it shows percentage (yes, that tiny little numbes from 00 to 100). Wait a while, the second hand will start moving again. For example 10000 steps set as a goal and 5000 steps reached today will show 50 (percent).
3s press of th button - switch on/off bluetooth
6s press - should be a factory reset of your watch

Incoming call - second hand at the position of 00=0% walking goal (that tiny little text is CALL)
New message - second hand at the position of 100=100% walking goal (that tiny little text is MSG)

Problems you might get into

Cannot connect with a phone
OK, as the app help says, switch on bluetooth and GPS on your phone first. No success and desperate? New watch? Replace the battery! Our case: New watch came, hands were moving, but the battery was weak. The watch then got into some kind of power saving mode, which includes bluetooth off, which means no connection with the mobile.

Connected, but cannot calibrate
You have to enter the time displayed (hands will stop moving when you start calibration from the app), not the time you want to set.

Wrong percents displayed (other than phone), when call or message received, the second hand is not pointing to CALL and MSG
Calibration problem. You probably set the wrong time during last calibration. If it differs only a bit, do a new calibration and try to set one second more/less and see the result.