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Freepbx / Asterisk » Freepbx callback from ssh using Asterisk call files

Freepbx callback initiate from shell using Asterisk call files

(FreePBX Distro version, but might be applicable for other versions around too)

Keywords: Freepbx, asterisk, callback, initiate from shell, ssh, Asterisk call files

If you need to initiate a callback from a shell command (or properly secured webpage), this worked for me:

  • ssh to the machine
  • vi /tmp/
    enter these lines:
    Channel: SIP/trunkname/yournumbertocall
    CallerID: "Yourname" <yournumber>
    Context: from-internal
    Extension: numbertocall

    CTRL+ZZ to save it and exit VI
  • mv /tmp/ /var/spool/asterisk/outgoing/
  • Wait for a call to yournumbertocall. Once you pick up,

trunkname = name of the trunk you with to call your number. You will find it under Admin/Trunks in web-interface of FreePBX
yournumbertocall = your phone number to be called(back). E.g. your mobile phone number
Yourname, yournumber = this is what will be displayed to the called person
numbertocall = extension or a phonenumber to be called. Don't forget that when you dial a phonenumber, you must include possible prefix defined in Outbound route as if you were calling from any extension