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Thunderbird » Duplicate folders .SDB

Duplicate folders .SDB (SDB.sdb, SDB.msf) appear after upgrade to Thunderbird 12

Keywords: Thunderbird 12.0.1, duplicated folders, SDB.msf, SDB.sdb, capital letters, folders with capital letters problem

After upgrade to Thunderbird 12, "strange" folders ending .SDB can appear in your mailbox with no messages in it. It is always a copy of some existing folder in your mailbox including its subfolders.

Be careful with deleting it, I managed to delete some folders/messages in another folder of the same name not ending .SDB!

I found out that in my case all the Local folders including subfolders named with capital letters (ARCHIV, INZERCE, PODKLADY in my case) were duplicated (as (ARCHIV.SDB, INZERCE.SDB, PODKLADY.SDB) after upgrade to Thunderbird 12. When I looked into the directory where Thunderbird stores messages, all these files/folders were named ARHIV.SBD.msf (file), ARCHIV.SBD.sbd (folder with subfolders) etc.

Solution: Rename folders with all capital letters to something else in Thunderbird. To avoid error messages saying that the name already exists, rename it twice. For example ARCHIV --> ARCHIVx --> Archiv. Then shut down Thunderbird and delete all the duplicate and empty xxx.SDB.msf files and xxx.SDB.sdb folders in "Local folders" directory on your drive (using some file manager like Windows explorer etc.). You might even try to delete it using Thunderbird after this renaming, but I was not brave enough to risk it again retrieving from backup ;-)