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Mobile » Android lock to LTE only

Android lock to LTE (4G) only

Keywords: LTE only, 4G only, no auto change to other networks.

I use my smartphone as a LTE (4G) modem. The problem is that once the 4G signal gets weak, the phone "jumps" to 3G or even 2G network when its signal is stronger. There are two problems: When it changes the network type, you may be disconnected from a network for a while. Second and most annoying, it takes time to change back to 4G and when its signal is not strong enough. Therefore, you are locked to slow internet or no internet for several seconds or even minutes-especially bad in a train where networks change often. So when you lock to 4G only (or any other type), you might improve the stability of the internet very much (depending on the signal strength). In my case, I commute with the same trains to work and back, I may loose a few packets in wood, but it works much, much better!

There are several utilities, but the basic and the easiest way is to dial (as a voice call): *#*#4636#*#*

You get into service menu where you can change the network type. May be a bit tricky on dual sim phone like mine, always check which card is chosen (you will see for example network name in service menu to identify better).

Be smart enough and do not change values you do not understand in this service menu :-)

This does not work on all phones (could not execute on Samsung smartphone). It probably has to be pure Android, not modified by manufacturer. You may try some special utillities for your phone then.

Also, you may be unreachable when locked to one network type only when it has no signal. Then, you have to change back to auto mode. This is one example what dual sims are good for, one sim for fast data (use as a modem for notebook), the second sim for phone calls :-)